Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Ep out Now !! - Cinta Hingga Ke Galaksi Hitam - RM 8 Only-
New Song uploaded @ www.myspace.com/stellarbandmy

Amy - Vocal
Badrul - Guitar & Programing
Kayrol Naim - Bass
Ristoe - Drum & Percussion

STELLAR bermula secara rasminya pada 30 Mei 2008. Walaupun band ini masih baru, each band member STELLAR berpengalaman di dalam bermain muzik esp underground. Mulanya Stellar hanya dianggotai oleh Bard (guitarist + programming), then Amy sertai STELLAR as vocalist diikuti oleh Kayrol Naim as bassist dan Ristoe (drummer). For info: Bard is the producer and ex-guitarist for band The Muffins, and Ristoe is the NB's drummer. Currently, STELLAR are now still in process of vocal recording for the new album and will be release this year 2009. Thanks for all that support us.. Support our local music scene! TQ...

Definition of STELLAR: in brief: 1. of, relating to, or consisting of stars; 2. of or relating to a star performer. also: very good, excellent.InsyaAllah...


Stellar - Saat Aku Kehilanganmu
Stellar - Serem'm
Stellar - Anarkis

for band booking, CONTACT :
Badrul : 016-292 2800
Ristoe : 012-264 0989
fax : 03-4142 0882

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