Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reza Salleh

Bombarded with copious amounts of Top 40 gamma rays as a child, I owe much of my young singing career to the Seattle sounds of Nirvana, the rap-rock edge of Rage Against the Machine (how this is reflected in my music you'll never know and neither will I), the vocal stylings of Black American vocalists, and a whole list of other musical influences I can't really remember.

The stuff I write is a mish-mash of elements drawn from a combination of whatever's going on in my head and whatever I've been listening to in the past 10 years or so. Dark, heartfelt, confused. Best served with coffee.


Reza Salleh - Ocean Spanning Sorrow
Reza Salleh - Smoke City
Reza Salleh - Battery
Reza Salleh - For Her
Reza Salleh - Need