Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Super Gig

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"Support Local Music" Live at JB!


Statik berasal dari Skudai, Johor Bahru, dan ditubuhkan pada tahun 2004, dimana antara line-up terawalnya ialah Enol dan Hassan. Ketika itu Enol dan Hassan juga mempunyai komitmen bersama The Official. Oleh kerana itu, Statik hanyalah sekadar band sambilan pada mereka, dan pertukaran line-up sering berlaku.

Setelah berjuang bersama The Official, mereka berundur dari The Official pada tahun 2007.Dalam masa yang sama, Haziq iaitu adik kepada vokalis The Official pula mempunyai komitmen bersama band yang ditubuh olehnya sendiri iaitu The Related, namun atas sebab-sebab tertentu, Haziq membubarkan The Related.

Setelah masing-masing tiada ikatan pada mana-mana band, mereka bertiga mula berkerjasama untuk menghidupkan semula Statik.Bermula pada Julai 2008, Statik kembali aktif, dan sehingga kini, dengan gabungan idea dan ilham mereka bertiga setelah masing-masing melalui pengalaman bermain muzik dalam band-band tertentu, Statik masih lagi berkerja keras untuk menghasilkan karya-karya baru untuk anda semua.

Kini Statik dianggotai oleh Haziq @ Bagak sebagai vokalis dan gitaris, Hassan @ Elektro Statik sebagai bassis, dan Enol sebagai pemain drum.


Statik - Cherita Kita
Statik - Nikmat Sementara
Statik - Aku Dan Kontroversi
Statik - Pusingan Terakhir


The Scaniacs

A Band Who "Play What we Want To Play" and to express our interest towards music. Was formed in around 2003 as ’scania’ but then, because scania is one of the lorry’s engine’s nameWe changed our name to The Scaniacs. The first Line up is Lohan (guitar/vox), PD (drum), Lokman (bass) And Zul (2ndgitar). Because a lot of commitment needed in this band, between study and music and some problem that can’t be solve, PiDi And Zul left the band and we took Yus as a new Bassist. So Until now, the line-up stay together but ayOL(asna) is helping us out on drums <--Thanks! bro.


The Scaniacs - Memories I Left Behind
The Scaniacs - Means 4 That Word
The Scaniacs - Seeing Sick NaNaNa
The Scaniacs - Same But Different


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Used

Band Members
Bert McCracken (Vocals)
Quinn Allman (Guitar)
Jeph Howard (Bass)
Dan Whitesides (Drums)


The Used - Hospital
The Used - Pain
The Used - Blue And Yellow Or Green
The Used - Slit Your Own Throat
The Used - Sick Hearts
The Used - I Caught Fire
The Used - A Box Full Of Sharp Objects
The Used - Preety Handsome Awkward


The Hans

The band started somewhere in January 2003. Inspired by a lot of British / Swedish pop band that they love such as Suede, Mansun, The Bluetones, Blur, The Boo Radleys, The Seahorses, The Wannadies, Tommy 16 and many more.The single 'Diary Of Love' were recorded and have been released in the compilation including all the bands from their state Perak.Have played first show as the opening act at the 'Kargo Rock Festival' on 10 May 2003.The Hans hopes to bring in a new breeze of fresh air and surely something new for the local music scene with their style especially with its music that hope all young people & adults call relate to.The band plays music on the lighter & brighter concept,that talks about love,life and hope.Cheers!


The Hans - You
The Hans - Daddy Know
The Hans - Diary Of Love


Thursday, March 26, 2009

La Luna

La Luna band also shares a similar fascination with easy-listening retro pop. The sound is a bit jazzier and the band often takes their cute love songs to a sadder place, exploring themes of long-distance longing and bittersweet breakups. The band started out with a male vocalist singing in English when it formed in 1999 but shortly thereafter the members felt their sound and style needed a feminine touch. Enter lead singer Manik, who helped transform the band and take their sound to a wider audience. Better distribution on a major label was the next step for this band making music under "the moon," as their name suggests, and in the studios of some of the best producers in Jakarta.


Laluna - Selepas Kau Pergi
Laluna - Sesuatu
Laluna - Membekas Di Hati




Chromatic - Janji Kita
Chromatic - Pergi
Chromatic - Cover Song Live

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lucy In The Loo

The name Lucy in the Loo may come across as a little quirky, but take nothing away from the band. Their brand of indie powerpop meets garage rock sees them branching out from other staple indie rock bands in the country.Originating from Bandar Baru Bangi, LitL's music is fuelled with pumping garage rock riffs, crunchy fuzzed-out guitars intertwined with vocal melodies. The simple approach to their songs gives listeners an insight to their penchant for melodies and catchiness. For maximum pleasure, Lucy in the Loo is best to be experienced with cotton candy flavoured ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles, and iced peach tea. :)

"Lucy in the Loo sudah TIDAK AKTIF lagi. Atas kata sepakat ahli band lucy in the loo telah buat keputusan utk berhenti sekitar December 2007. Harap Maklum"


Lucy in the Loo - Not Even Mine
Lucy in the Loo - Seeing Stars
Lucy in the Loo - Each Others Circle
Lucy in the Loo - Not Even Mine


Pop Shuvit

Pop Shuvit is a Malaysian independent rap-rock band. Comprising Moots (vocals), JD (guitars), AJ (bass), Rudy (drums) and UNO (turntables), the band who got its name from a skateboarding trick of almost the same name began making waves in the local music scene in late 2001 and since then, has had 4 successful releases under their belt and gained a sizable fanbase in Asia notably in Japan, Thailand and Singapore. Known for their adrenaline-packed live shows and eclectic blend of hip hop and rock, Pop Shuvit are being touted as Asia’s leading Hip Hop Rock band.


Pop Shuvit - Piece Of The Pie
Pop Shuvit - let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Pop Shuvit - Freakshow ft Dandee
Pop Shuvit - Wannabe
Pop Shuvit - Set You On Fire Featuring JohnHD from Nervewreck
Pop Shuvit - Killing Time


Monday, March 02, 2009

Konsert Bersatu 2009

Woo Warga JB pasti kan korang serbu ke Konsert Bersatu nie.. yg pasti band2 yg ade hebat2 belaka... warghh aku tak sabar mau kesana...haha
Special Performance By :
Plugue Of Happiness, Logam, Hayagriua, JBH, Priceless Stupid Box, Damokis , Mistik, Blanket Party, Carbon4teen, Acid Rain, Boots Off, The Closed ,21st Floor, Laila, Inflict, Redemption, N.E.T, The Mixed, Statik...
Date : 08 March 2009
Venue : Level 3A CT Plaza Cafe & Sport Arena
Time : 1p.m until ends
Ticket : Rm 25

Youth For Palastine

Most of the profit of the sold tickets
WILL BE DONATED to AMAN PALESTINE... Bagus Giler Gig nie, sambil berhibur korang beramal skali, Peace for Palestine..Jadi Jom meriah kan lagi gig di Muar nie...
Band Hebat :
Beautifool Phenomena, Nadia's Picture Show, Plugue Of Happiness, Sensor!sensor!, Sil Khannaz, Out of Tune, Black Days, The Times, Revenge, Amarah, Couple, Oddity, Gray ,N.E.T
Date : 14th Mac 2009
Venue : Dewan Jubli Intan,Muar , Johore
Time : Exhibition Hooth -10 a.m onwards, Music - 1 p.m onwards
Ticket : Rm 23(Presale) Rm 25(Door)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Pada sesiapa yg ade kat area Melaka tu pe korang tunggu lagi ..Jom meriah kan lagi X-GIG ..percuma tu!!! ARgh aku tak dapat pegi jauh la pulak!!

Performance By :
bunkface, Skudap Skudip, The Rhaman, Radio Flyer, Joanna & Co, Robot Asmara Purevibracion, Brokenriff ..HAHA korang mesti pegi!!!maklumat lanjut di www.xfresh.com/xgig

Tarikh : 7 Mac 2009 (sabtu)
Tempat : Aloha, Melaka
Masa : 2 - 6 petang
Tiket : PERCUMA!!!