Monday, February 02, 2009


Komplot released their first single in 2007 which was aptly called ‘Konflik Metropolis’. It became the rave of the town and about. It all soon became clear as Komplot returns the compliment that the local independent scene had. Komplot bared it all on their first ever show at Laundry Bar, when literally hundreds if not thousands came to the modish bar to gratify their curiosity as to what the hype about Komplot is all about. The show exploded with broken furniture flew about, massive dance-pit encircled, and significantly those who came were enthused and this started the craze called Komplot. From then on, it was apparent that Komplot is a band to pass on for and the songs to live by.

Flash forward to 2008, as Komplot grew more established, it was inevitable that Komplot had to release a brand new recording following the hugely successful single, ‘Konflik Metropolis’. This was said to be a mini album cum EP also some sort of a teaser for an upcoming full length album. That’s right. A full length album is in the works as we speak. However, the public whom now had become all too familiar with Komplot, pressed for a lengthier recording. Yet, Komplot understood a release can only be released when it is supposed to be released no matter how great the urgency. The songs in the EP had to go through rigorous regime in terms of re-phrasing, re-mixing and unorthodoxly re-recorded. This was done however to justify the hype and the demand that the public has pressed upon Komplot.

Komplot transcends all when it comes to critics and admirers alike. Both acknowledge the energy that Komplot gives a free rein to and the public would remain vigilant as to how Komplot would progress. And indeed, this is how Komplot relishes the challenge under adversity with their eclectic mix of band members. Eclectic in the sense of confluence, achievement and confidence. Zac, a regular player in the circuit, hits the melodies with such ease and commandeering while maintaining stage zest ness and authority. While Jeff ‘the whore’, is the ‘in-demand’ saxophonist at the moment and he calls himself home in Komplot. He cites Micheal Brecker and Hello Kitty as primary influences. However, the centre of gravity which makes sense to all of it all is the guitarist cum the chief songwriter. He calls himself Amrud. We call him the prodigious guitarist who brings to the band hope, desire, motivation and lastly, monies. Not many à la mode riffs can be churned out of a Godin. Yet he manages to do it with bravado, every time. Yup, every time

The band’s structure would be complete with the introduction of Komplot’s groove section comprising Chino and Haekal. The latter is the bassist. Walking down Komplot’s groove section, one would reminisce the good moment when funk is all boorish and uncouth. The groove section stand by the tryst that embraces the roots of groove and the energy which seemed to have lost it all in translation. Yet, what path do men take? As fame is death’s little sister, isn’t it all too corny that men should partake a path that conjoins passion and contentment instead of gluttony and sheer pompousness. Komplot firmly believes in the spirit of musicianship and the freedom that comes with it. Hence, Komplot embraces the D.I.Y and the independent spirit while being realistic and pragmatic to the reality of the local music industry. Komplot hopes to shatter the mental hurdle that independent acts should suck and be pain in the asses. Komplot believes in the thriving of the independent scene and would strive hard to go beyond the localized genre ship and ultimately to penetrate the persistent and conservative listeners.


Komplot - Konflik Bo's Remix
Komplot - Konflik Metropolis


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