Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Aggrobeats

AGGRO = violent or threatening behaviour, especially between groups of young people. In The Aggrobeat's own definition, they took the term and apply it into their music ; an aggressive music with an aggressive attitude on stage. The Aggrobeats are the ‘Boss Reggae’ band of Malaysia. Having the similarities with their super duper Californian heroes, The Aggrolites; The Aggrobeats are extremely inspired by them, but, musically, both are looking up to the same pioneer from the hard-screaming edge of James Brown to The Meters to the really authentic 60’s skinhead reggae in the mix.

The band crystallized their musical ideals for the genre by cutting down the ska beat and mixed with funk and soul into it. With a simple catchy sing-a-long melody & a soulful vocals, fuelled with life lyrical content; guitar-works, screaming hammond organ & the 60’s style live studio recording sound are their priority. The band played their first gig at The Brandals ( an Indonesian Rock & Roll band ) tour in Kuala Lumpur. Few months after, they recorded a DIY demo ‘The Good, The Bad and The Reggae’, which resulted in the released of their own brand 7” vinyl, distributed by Copasetic / Scorcha Records, Germany. Up to this hour, they still continue the old-skool self promo strategy, perform at gigs and music events.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the band consisting Edy J. Herwan / Aggro-Boss ( vocals, guitar ), Sodd / Soul-Boy ( guitar, vocals ), Amir Hamzah / Madcap ( bass, vocals ), Bakri / Groovin’ ( drums , vocals ) and Ed / Shooter ( organ, vocals ) .

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